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     Welcome to the Website for Explorers of Supernatural Phenomenon (E.S.P.)! We are a paranormal group located in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area.  We are dedicated to helping others who are experiencing paranormal activity.  If you have a place you think is experiencing paranormal activity and would like us to come investigate please contact us.  While donations are greatly appreciated, we do not expect them nor do we charge for our services.

Our team is composed of unique individuals with different backgrounds and life experiences.  Our members have a strong interest in the paranormal and supernatural.  We are not ghost hunters, we are paranormal investigators.  We do not just show up and document the activity and leave.  We help clients remove the activity if they choose to.

We fully understand that it is difficult to call upon a group like us in your time of need.  We have experience in dealing with situations like yours and understand it can be hard to talk about.  Please go to our contact page and reach out to us for our help.

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